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Many of you will recognize Ann from fitting you or your children in the store. Ann has worked with Wesley's for almost 20 years. This month, we are getting to know Ann. Ann recently helped us become ranked as the second best independently owned shoe store in the Nation by going above and beyond while helping a secret shopper. 

How did you get in the Business?

I was working for another establishment Mr. Wesley was one of my customers. We often engaged in conversation. Between one of those conversations, he offered me employment and the rest is history.

What was your first paying Job?

My first paying job was a Dental Assistant.

What did you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up young and inexperienced about life. There were many careers, which sparked my curiosity. Narrowing down to the top 3.

  • My first passion was to be an Educator.
  • My second sentiment was to embark upon a Law degree .
  • Lastly, I had an infatuation with being a court reporter.
What was the best Business advice you ever received?
  • Always be true to yourself never lose your integrity. 
  • Never take things personally.
  • Finally treat people like there’re members of your family.
What is inspiring you right now?

My Faith in knowing I can do nothing of myself.

What might people be most surprised to know about you?

 Many may be surprised that my day starts every morning about 4:00 AM. I’m involved with a faith based organization, called Sister In Supplication it’s a platform to inspire, change, empower and bring awareness to the challenges in life. Knowing the solutions is only a word away. Still incorporating being a foot soldier for my community. I work with the Alderman and other organizations to maintain a safe nourishing environment for our children to grow and live.

What is your favor Hometown memory?

My hometown favorite memory is of the camaraderie among the neighbors. Although we didn’t share the same DNA or live at the same address. Somethings were self evident: we were all in this together, watching out for one another.

  • Respecting yourself and others.
  • Respecting those in authority
  • Respecting of yours and other property.
What song are on your playlist?

I have songs of many genres on my playlist.

Gospel, R&B,Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz is to name a few.

Music is a way to express ourselves.

What are your favorite brands in the store?

My favorites are Birkenstocks for the art support. Hoka for the flexibility.

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